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Update: Free Blogging Course

Posted by Dr. Gray on Thursday, October 9, 2008

I talked last week about a “Free Blogging Course” that I saw on another blog. Many of you expressed interest in the contents and wanted me to follow up. After signing up, and reading through the course, I’m ready to give y’all the scoop.

Primarily, the free course is being offered as an enticement to show you their other products. The company is Simple-ology and is billed as “The Simple Science Of Getting What You Want.” The blogging course is nice, but rather brief and contained nothing that I hadn’t read elsewhere. It’s basically a brief, 50-page overview of what a blog is, how to start one, and general tips regarding writing posts, search engine optimization, and selling advertising. As I said, nice, but readily available information for free.

As for their primary product, it can generally be described as a self-help program. Along the style of How to Win Friends and Influence People, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, etc., he presents a discussion of how to organize and structure your thoughts and goals efficiently. With pleasing graphics, and online management of your progress, it looks to be a fairly nice program. If you’ve read the above books, and are a motivated entrepeneurial-minded individual, it’s unlikely that there is anything you haven’t seen already. Yes, it’s a good organizational tool, and I can see the benefit to continuing a membership if one has trouble with self-motivation.

However,… here are the negatives… from the time you try to sign up for the initial “free blogging course,” the sales pitch is in full force. You couldn’t have access to the free blogging course without signing up for a free trial membership in “Simple-ology 101.” Although this course offers many good tenets, and axioms, again… I don’t think it’s anything who’s concept you haven’t already read. A short time into the course, you find out that several key aspects aren’t covered in this course, they’re in the next course.

Where I have real difficulty with their program is how it may affect young entrepeneurs, or those who were not raised in a positive environment. In my house growing up, we discussed Carnegie’s theories as well as the bible. We listened to Zig Ziglar. For birthdays, we got Tony Robbins books or audio tapes. With those, you chose when and what you wanted to buy… and you got the whole enchilada. You could read, listen, study the information as often as you like, and I still own and reread the books today. This online course, however, gives you just enough information to want more… for which, of course, you need to pay another fee. And, while you’re pumped up and excited about what you’ve been reading, you need to pay for this next course right now, or it’s going to be four times as expensive next time you want it!

So… not for me. Although I always appreciate reading these things (and I did read through the entire course), I’m cancelling before the “free trial” is up.


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