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Flu Shot? I Don’t Think So.

Posted by Dr. Gray on Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am asked often if I receive a flu shot each season. My answer is unequivically, NO! I do not now, nor have I ever gotten a flu shot. It seems pointless to me to attempt to artificially create a resistance to a virus when natural immunity works better, and has no side effects. Have I gotten sick, or had the flu? Sure! … Once in the past ten years… and I fought it off in two days instead of the seven to ten normally expected. I know I’ve been exposed to the flu virus more often than that, because I have many patients that seek care when they get sick. On average, during the flu season I am exposed to severe cases at least five to ten times per week.

So, why can I be exposed to it so often yet remain unaffected? Simple… good choices. I eat whole foods and avoid refined sugar as much as possible. I exercise three to five times per week… even if it’s only for five minutes or so, it’s better than nothing. I have only resorted to antibiotics twice in the past fifteen years. I aggressively seek to boost my immune system any time I “feel something comin’ on.” And, first-and-foremost, I don’t buy into something being advised by someone with a vested interest in the sale without doing my research.

You know what I find amusing? Most of the latest research by epidemiologists, immunologists, and other health facilities have proven that the flu shot doesn’t work for a majority of people. However, in the same sentence, they’ll say, “… but, you should get one anyway just in case.” Just in case?… Just in case what? Just in case the pharmaceutical company doesn’t have enough to send you your “consultant’s” fee? What a crock! “Hey… this stuff doesn’t work, but we still think you should buy it.” Baaaaa… Baaaaaa… Come on little sheep…

Not only does the flu shot fail to prevent influenza, but due to several additives, it is actually toxic to the human body. How many of you realize that common ingredients in most all vaccines include: mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde… you know, the stuff they use to preserve dead people! Sheryl Walters posted a good article on Natural News recently detailing six good reasons to avoid the flu shot. Check it out, because she does a good job of explaining the dangers, and alternatives to getting the flu shot.

Want more evidence that the flu vaccine is just a money generator for the pharmaceutical companies? Here is the audio from an actual call to one of these vaccine manufacturers:


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