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Ask Your Doctor If Getting Off Your Ass Is Right For You!

Posted by Dr. Gray on Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a great video clip! I wish this kind of commentary was on TV as often as you hear about Britney’s latest scandal. “We won’t stop getting sick… until we stop making ourselves sick.” Great quote that could be attributed to any number of natural health care providers over the last few thousand years. However, this time it’s from Bill Maher. Love or hate the guy, and I usually can’t stand him, this was a great rant!

As for the study from Duke University that Bill referenced (exercise more effective than drugs for depression), it turns out the results were even better than they thought. It seems that continued exercise greatly diminished the chances for relapse. While only 8% of exercise patients had another episode of depression after six months, nearly 40% of the drug-treatment-only patients had a relapse. One factor I found interesting… those patients who were treated with exercise and drugs had a 31% relapse rate! So, using statistical rates like the pharmaceutical companies do… a conclusion could be made that one has a more than 400% chance for worse results if you take drugs for depression over the use of exercise alone. Silly, huh?

But that’s pharmaceutical math… they’ll take test results where placebo improved 2% of cases, their medication improved 3% of cases… then claim “50% improvement rates!” What a load.


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