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Have You Caught a Snowflake On Your Tongue?

Posted by Dr. Gray on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There has been a decent snowstorm in the Kansas City area today, and I think most of us are missing an opportunity.

Did it take longer to get to work this morning? Did you have to dress in layers today? Have you had to knock stuff off the windshield wipers? Bent over to peek through the one section on the windshield that’s not streaked? Have you used the shovel on the walk or drive yet? Anyone in a big truck cut you off on the road today? Did you get your new shoes dirty today? For most of us in the Kansas City area, the answer is yes.

Now let me ask you this… Have you stopped to look at it yet? Have you caught a snowflake on your tongue? Have you smiled in awe at the beauty of nature? Have you just relaxed?

Unfortunately, we go through our adult lives focused on what we want to do next. First we get the kids ready, then we have to get to work, then we’ve got to get this project done, then we’ve got to plan dinner, then we’ve got to blah, blah, blah… Before you know it, something spectacular has passed you by.

Nothing more to say today… just take some time and enjoy whatever the Lord has given you. Relax. Get your stuff done, but make sure your priorities are in the right place.


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