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America… the best country money can buy.

Posted by Dr. Gray on Monday, December 29, 2008

I love this country… let’s get that straight. Know what I love about this country? The freedom to affect our own governance. A government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Unfortunately, that fact has been lost, abandoned, or bastardized by nearly every member of our current federally-elected representatives.

The people have no bearing on political direction… well, not exactly… we have relinquished our control. We have allowed ourselves to be duped into thinking the government actually cares about the people. Our forefathers knew the corrupting influence of money and power and designed The Constitution for the protection of the people and the states… from the federal government. Now, however, we are promised “hope and change,” and assured that the government will take care of us. We’ve gone from JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask instead what you can do for your country,” to “Gimme… buy my vote… whaddya gonna do for me?… I shouldn’t have to pay for that, the government should give it to me.”

Here’s the truth… If you’re on the government tit, someone else is going to decide when and on what you feed. You are no longer free. This past election year, I was disgusted by both sides of the aisle vying to sell their vote for the most government cheese.

Our government is now based solely on the whims of the highest bidder. Control based on paid advertisements drives the networks to tell you the news they want you to hear, in a way that makes you believe what they want you to believe. Lobbyists in Washington finance the election and re-election campaigns of representatives in order to influence the voting habits of those representatives. The American public sits in their recliner bought on credit from Nebraska Furniture Mart and lazily wonders how else they can get something for nothing… and the politicians, like marketers, are jockeying to buy the most votes. If they can’t get it legally, they just cheat. It’s pathetic.

Want some proof that our government doesn’t give a crap about you? Proof that you’ve been bought right along with your representatives in Washington?

What were the big issues in the past election? Health care… insurance coverage for all… drug coverage… energy… big business bailouts… the real estate market… and schools. Okay. There are the issues the politicians and news agencies told you were important this election cycle.

Now, here is the list of the top ten lobbying groups for the past ten years:

  1. Pharmaceuticals/Health Products – $1.5 billion
  2. Insurance – $1.1 billion
  3. Electric Utilities – $1 billion
  4. Computers/Internet – $820 million
  5. Business Associations – $745 million
  6. Education – $727 million(excludes money from teachers’ unions, so this figure should be much higher)
  7. Real Estate – $696 million
  8. Oil and Gas – $687 million
  9. Hospitals/Nursing Homes – $649 million
  10. Miscellaneous Manufacturing and Distributing – $613 million

Wow! Look familiar? Let’s see: health care covered by #1, 2, and 9; energy covered by #3, and 8; big business bailouts bought with #4, 5, 7, and 10; real estate covered by #5, and 7; and schools covered by #6. Looks like that about covers it, huh? Congratulations… you’re a pawn. A bought-and-paid-for commodity who is blind to reality. You were so intensely interested in Obama versus McCain, that you failed to notice that neither will be different from the other.

America… the best country money can buy.


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  1. Great post. Thanks!

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