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What’s More Important… Your Car or Your Body?

Posted by Dr. Gray on Monday, July 13, 2009

What may seem like a fairly ridiculous question, in reality is not quite so simple. You may scoff and say, “Well, of course my body is more important,” but do you really believe that? If you do believe it, do you act on it? Are you being true to your beliefs, or are you just giving it lip-service? Are you a hypocrite? That’s a tough question, but a valid one if you really think about it.

Hypocrisy refers to believing and preaching one set of beliefs, yet not acting in a way that supports those beliefs. What do you think of politicians who claim their policies will be good for people… but won’t subject themselves to the same programs? What do you think of judgmental preachers who are found to be adulterous? What do you think of snarky people gossiping about others, while being guilty of the same offense? What would you think of a health-conscious, diet guru who weighed 300 pounds? These are all examples of people who claim to believe one way, yet act another.

Nearly every day, we use our vehicles for something. Going to the store… taking the kids to practice… driving to school… getting to work… going on vacation… visiting relatives… a ton of our activities revolve around our ability to get from point A to point B, and we use our cars to do it. When is the last time you changed your oil? More important, why did you change the oil? Did you hear metal grinding together in the engine? Were you having trouble getting the car to start or stay running? Was your gas mileage dropping? Did your “Check Engine” light come on? These are just symptoms of bad oil or engine trouble, so why would you change the oil if none of these things were happening?

Most likely, you just know that it’s wise to change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. We do this because we don’t want metal to start grinding in the engine. We don’t want to have difficulty starting the car. We don’t want our gas mileage to drop, or the “Check Engine” light to come on. Does changing the oil guarantee that none of these things will happen? Of course not, but it greatly diminishes the chance that they will. It also makes the car run better, operate more efficiently, and leads to a more pleasant experience by getting you from point A to point B without a bunch of hassles.

There is another functional item that you use everyday. In fact, you use this item much more than you could ever think of using your car. This item is, of course, your body. So, when was the last time you got a tune-up? Nope. Not talking about the car anymore. When is the last time you got a tune-up for your body? Do you wait for symptoms to show up before you decide to do something about it? When they do, do you unplug the “Check Engine” light by just treating the symptoms, or do you seek the underlying cause of the symptoms?

Like changing your oil, spinal tune-ups are an essential part of taking care of your body. Will regular tune-ups guarantee that you won’t have back pain or other complications? Of course not, but it will greatly diminish the chance that you will. (sound familiar?) Like a car, much of the work of the human body happens without us even realizing what’s going on. Our brain sends signals down the spinal cord to all parts of our body. When the body wants to move any of its parts, it contracts muscles, those muscles pull on the bones and movement happens. There cannot be muscular contraction without the bones moving in some way. When you take your car in for a tuneup, the mechanic analyzes the inner workings of the engine and other aspects that make the car function well. The same happens when you bring your body into the chiropractor for a tune-up. Chiropractors are trained experts in the way the bones, muscles and nerves function together. We can analyze almost every single joint in your body and determine if each one is working as it should.

So, if regular maintenance is good enough for your car, do you consider your body as important? If your car breaks down permanently, you can replace it with another one, but what are you going to do if your body breaks down? Most permanent changes in the body take place slowly over several years. By the time you begin to experience symptoms, permanent changes have often already begun.

When you’re 80… do you want to be the cleaned up hotrod still rockin’ the town, or the rusted-out clunker in the scrap yard?

There’s no better time to begin treating your body with the respect it deserves and the maintenance it needs than today. Set an appointment with your chiropractor and let him know you’re ready to start getting your tune-ups.


2 Responses to “What’s More Important… Your Car or Your Body?”

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