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Dr. Gray’s Straight Talk… Awarded TOP 10!!!

Posted by Dr. Gray on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On January 31, 2011, Nursingschools.net published their annual listing of the top 50 blogs in the chiropractic community. I’m happy to announce that we were listed as Number 10 on their list! How exciting is that?!?! After slacking off for a bit, I was wondering if anyone was actually reading this stuff. However, for the third time in the past week, I’ve had comments from people asking when the next article will be published. And then this… guess I need to get back on the ball! So, without further delay, I will get a new post finished and ready to go in the next couple days.

Thank you, again, for reading and enjoying our blog. Thanks, also, to the people and editors at Nursingschools.net for the accolades!


One Response to “Dr. Gray’s Straight Talk… Awarded TOP 10!!!”

  1. Brian Bodnar said

    Congratulations! Great recognition of your contribution and commitment. It isn’t always easy to find your voice when you sit down to write. Just let the words flow.

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