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Free Mavericks Tickets!!!

Posted by Dr. Gray on Monday, November 10, 2014

Mavs Tix BannerIt’s that time of year again, boys and girls! It’s hockey season!!!

As we posted earlier, Gray Chiropractic will be the official chiropractic office for the Missouri Mavericks again this year. We are honored and blessed to be an integral part of their health care regimen. These guys know what chiropractic does for them, both in injury recovery and for performance optimization. As sports nuts, we’re just happy to be involved; but, it’s so much more rewarding when we see guys on the ice and know that we’re a part of the team.

So, what’s all this about Free Mavericks tickets??? We’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to most home games this year. To be entered in the drawing for a pair of tickets, we’ll have a few different contests throughout the season.

Your first chance at scoring a pair of tickets to an upcoming Mavericks home game starts now:

  1. Write a testimonial detailing your experience at Gray Chiropractic and how we’ve been able to help.
  2. Make sure you include your full name in your testimonial… all personal information will be kept private and confidential.
  3. Submit it to us at the office, by fax (816) 795-8141, or by email.
  4. Winners will be notified by phone, email, or in the office.

This method of being entered to win will continue throughout the entire season. There will be other contests soon with limited time frames for entry, but this isn’t one of them. We love your testimonials, so keep ’em coming!

– Dr. Gray


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Congratulations To The Winner!!!

Posted by Dr. Gray on Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Faceoff - Chad Hinz

Different game, but great picture!

Well, we had a fantastic time at the Mavericks game last night! Thank you to all who attended in support of our sponsorship night! We had so much fun! Other than the Mavs losing a close one due to a tough power play goal late in the third period, I’d say the evening was a resounding success. A few kudos:

First, thank you to the Missouri State Chiropractors Association for sponsoring 1500 rally towels that were handed out prior to the game. The MSCA is the only organization continually fighting for Missouri patients’ rights when it comes to natural health care alternatives. Member doctors are those who have chosen to support, with their own time and money, those causes and issues that benefit patients and insure the citizens of Missouri have true freedom of choice. Please consider finding a member doctor for your health care needs, and checking out their website by CLICKING HERE.

Second, thank you to our many patients who came out and cheered so loud as I dropped the Ceremonial First Puck. I was filled with pride and humility hearing all the support as I walked on and off the ice. Your trust and loyalty in choosing Gray Chiropractic for your health care needs, along with the referrals of your friends and family, are among the greatest compliments a physician can receive. The fact that you chose to spend your time and money by attending last night’s hockey game in support of us is all that more impressive. Thank you again!

Third, a big thanks goes out to the players, Coach Hillman, and the entire Mavericks organization for bringing the fastest (and best!) sport on earth back to Kansas City. In my position as team chiropractor, I’ve had the pleasure to get to know these guys and have begun many new friendships that will stand the test of time. Many think of athletes as overpaid kids who do nothing but get together and play a game a few nights a week. However, I am continually amazed at how hard these guys work each and every day to put on a good show, and to be the best they can be. These guys do nearly as much work in the community… for schools, charities, local businesses, etc…. as they do on the ice and in the gym. Not a day goes by that they don’t have a request for an appearance here or there, or for a few strong hands helping Habitat For Humanity. Although incredibly talented, these guys aren’t paid to play a game because they are spoiled or somehow “lucky.” They’re where they are because they work their butts off. Thanks guys. It’s an honor to be your doctor.

Fourth, thank you to our many family members who attended the game! It was so cool seeing so many Gray Chiropractic T-shirts roaming the halls and in the stands. My entire family has been an invaluable source of support over the years. Without you, we would not have been able to build and grow such a nice facility for natural health care. Whether it’s been passing out cards, helping with screenings, cleaning the office, mailing fliers, spreading the word, working in the office, … or just being there for stress relief, support, and conversation, you’ve always been there. You are a big part of making Gray Chiropractic what it is today. I love you all!

Last, … and most importantly… I want to thank my wife. From the earliest days of pre-med and chiropractic school, she’s always gone above and beyond. She’s the best wife, best mother to our children, best business partner, best office manager, best counselor, … and best friend I could ever ask for. Last night was no exception. She spent all day running around getting last minute things done and ready for our event. While most everyone else was in the stands enjoying the game, she insisted on manning our kiosk in the hallway just in case anyone had questions about the office or needed assistance signing up for the drawing. Thank you, honey. I love you.


We had a great response in our drawing last night. Several hundred signed up to win a $100 Gift Certificate from the Mavericks Team Store located in the front of the Independence Events Center. We want to thank all who stopped by the kiosk to sign up, and get some information about our office. The winner of the Gift Certificate is… Debbie Gilmore of Buckner, MO! Congratulations, Debbie! We know you’ll enjoy more games while you’re sporting your cool, new Mavs gear. Debbie will be getting a private email detailing where and when to pick up her Gift Certificate.

Thanks again for a fantastic evening. We’ll see you at the next game… and we’ll see you soon at Gray Chiropractic!

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Good Luck, Mavs!

Posted by Dr. Gray on Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We have had a great time with the Mavericks hockey team so far! Training camp was all last week, culminating with two preseason games in Wichita on Friday and Saturday. The regular season starts this Friday with their first games in Rapid City, SD. I have had the pleasure to meet all of the players, and have had the opportunity to treat many of them. I’m happy to announce that these guys really “get” chiropractic and understand the benefits it offers them in increasing their performance and recovery time. We’re looking forward to a fantastic inaugural season!

Individual regular season tickets went on sale this week and opening weekend (November 13th & 14th) is selling out fast, so get out there and get your tickets. You are going to love the new arena! I can honestly tell you that there is not a bad seat in the house. Man, I am so psyched about the upcoming season!

Go Mavs!

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Exciting Announcement!!!

Posted by Dr. Gray on Friday, September 4, 2009

We are happy to announce that Gray Chiropractic has been selected as the Official Team Chiropractor for the Missouri Mavericks hockey team!

As an expansion team for the minor league Central Hockey League (CHL), the Mavericks will open their inaugural season at the Independence Events Center on November 13, 2009. Coach Scott Hillman has said, “We are so happy to have you on board! I am confident that you will play a big role in the health and care of our players. As a hockey player myself, I have seen just how valuable chiropractic can be for these guys. It helps them recover from injuries faster, and keeps them performing at their highest levels.”

As hockey fans, we can’t wait for the season to begin! If you’ve never been to see a hockey game live, you’re missing out. Come on out and see a few games this season. You won’t regret it. Go MAVS!

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